Our Multicultural Programs are making waves at the Adelaide Secondary School of English.

Football Federation SA and West Adelaide Soccer Club are making an impact at Adelaide Secondary School of English through Football.

The FFSA Multicultural Program is delivered weekly during the school term, and gives girls from new arrival backgrounds an opportunity to build their soccer skills and become involved in the community through the world game.

Participants of the school program are able to participate at club level with West Adelaide Soccer Club’s girl’s team.

“The success of this program has highlighted West Adelaide Soccer Club’s community focus,” said FFSA Multicultural Development Officer, Victor Claye.

“Having a continual presence from West Adelaide has made the difference in engaging participants at club level. It makes the transitionary process so much easier for the girls as they have a familiar face on game day that they have had the opportunity to build rapport with.”

“It’s been a very enjoyable experience bringing the girls and introducing them to an environment they would normally not have access to,” said Leon Appelkamp of West Adelaide Soccer Club.

“I think it’s been very rewarding both for West Adelaide and for the girls.”

Miriam, who teaches at the School and supervises the program says her students are learning several life skills as well as learning the world’s game.

“I’ve noticed the girl’s confidence growing not only with their soccer skills but with their life skills.”

“I’ve found that the girls are learning many new soccer skills, but they are also learning some important life skills such as communicating with others in a team, learning how to be a leader and a team player, following instructions, dealing with not winning all the time (resilience), respect for their coach, their team and the other team’s players and time management.”

“They also have to rely more on their English language rather than their mother language as not all of the players are from the same language groups.

“All of these aspects are a huge benefit to their schooling and well as their future careers,” said Miriam.

“We enjoy making new friends and being in a team,” said Niariang & Eskadar, two of the program’s participants.

“Its fun and I use English with other people who don’t speak our language.”

This program is proudly supported by Football Federation SA, Government of South Australia – Office for Recreation and Sport, West Adelaide Soccer Club and Adelaide Secondary School of English.