Hall of Fame

The FFSA Hall of Fame was first established in South Australia in August 2001 as an independent group under the name of SA Soccer Hall of Fame and changed to its current name in 2006.

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The inaugural committee, under the title of SA Soccer Hall of Fame Honours Committee, consisted of Allan Crisp, Jack Smith and Denis Harlow as Chairman. In 2014 the Honours Committee changed its name to SA Football Hall of Fame Honours Committee to bring it into line with the current terminology for the game in Australia.

In the mid to late 1990’s the then ruling National body had suggested that each State should establish an independent Hall of Fame to enable the recognition of the pioneers of the game and those individuals that had given so much to the sport in South Australia and create a lifelong tradition for the game.

The initiative had been set by Western Australia who established a Hall of Fame in 1996 and although the National Hall of Fame was also established in 1996 it wasn’t until February 1999 that the National body had its inaugural induction.

In South Australia the inaugural induction was in May 2003 which coincided with 100 years of the game in this State.

The inaugural induction process for South Australia was to be the same as the National Body, which consisted of three levels and six categories of entry.

Forty nine recipients received awards in the inaugural induction which took into account individual involvement in the game back to 1902 when the game was first officially brought onto the scene and called Association football. The first official Association was called the South Australian British Football Association and was founded in October 1902.

One of the added responsibilities of the Hall of Fame Honours Committee was to establish and maintain a Museum for the sport in South Australia and due to the increased involvement of the committee members, the size of the committee was increased in June 2006. The committee currently consists of Tony Henshaw (Chairman), Keith Puyenbroek (Vice Chairman), Debra Rodda, Tony Smith, Orazio DiCarlo (ex-officio), Denis Harlow OAM (FFSA Historian, ex-officio) and Andrew Howe (ex-officio).

In 2011, in conjunction with the FFA, the SA Soccer Hall of Fame Honours Committee changed the induction process to cater for one level and two categories, Hall of Honour for Non-Players and Hall of Champions for Players. This was to bring it into line with the National Association (FFA) who had previously changed their system in 2009.

The Hall of Fame is a system of awards that recognizes both “on field” and “off field” achievements.

Entry into the Hall of Fame is open to anyone that has been involved in the game in South Australia regardless as to what level of involvement and includes players, officials, coaches, administrators, referees and sponsors. However, there is a significant criteria that needs to be met before anyone is considered as a candidate for induction.

To be eligible for induction a candidate needs at least to have contributed something significant and beyond the expectations of the positions held and to have advanced the cause of football in this State.

Nomination forms are available at the office of the FFSA, Holden Street Hindmarsh.

Benefits & Recognition

FFSA Hall of Fame recipients, are totally separate and independent from FFSA Life Membership, receive the following recognitions:

*        FFSA Hall of Fame plaque

*        Applicable FFSA player, coach or referee Registration Fee Waived;

*        One complimentary ticket for Hall of Fame recipient to the Player of the Year Awards;

*        Name listed in the FFSA Official Year Book;

*        FFSA Gold Pass, with authorization for free entry into all FFSA Competitions, for the Hall of Fame inductee and Partner plus free parking.