National Premier League SA
Round 11

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Adelaide Olympic vs South Adelaide
Venue: VALO Football Centre – The Parks
Date: 12/05/2018 07:00 PM

Adelaide Olympic: Adelaide Olympic: 1. Nikolas Harpas, 3. Antoni Trimboli, 4. George Hristakopoulos, 5. David Makridis, 6. Elias Vlassis, 7. David Signore, 8. Jacob Butler-Bowdon, 9. Christos Pounendis, 10. Ricardo Da Silva, 13. Zakariah Waters, 15. Manley Barnett, 17. Nicholas Harpas, 19. Tito Bontor, 23. Andrea Dallera, 30. Daniel Atkins (GK)
Coaches: George Tsonis, Shane Porter
Team Staff: George Tsaousidis, Alex Abela

South Adelaide: Thomas Berg, Michael Goode, 1. Con Zacharopoulos (GK), 3. Christopher Reed, 4. Robert Parker, 5. Marco Krantis, 6. Kegan Osborne, 7. Brett Rayner, 8. Sam Carmichael (C), 9. Ibrahima Kamara, 10. Adam Thurston, 11. Jack Ellis, 12. Jai Conroy, 14. Jake Carmichael
Coaches: Benjamin Dale, Nicholas Carmichael, Fraser Mclean
Team Staff: John Monsigneur, Lucy Boseley

Last time they met:
2016 NPL Round 17 – South Adelaide 4 – 1 Adelaide Olympic 

Adelaide Olympic and South Adelaide face off in round 11’s match of the round this weekend. The two sides haven’t played each other in two years in the NPL, last time being in round 17 of the 2016 season. 7
th placed Olympic have had a tough couple of weeks, with heavy fixture duties due to commitments in the FFA Cup. Olympic were knocked out in the Quarter Finals, which came as a shock as they lost to State League 1 side Cumberland United. Cumberland were able to secure the victory in extra time, after leading most of the match. Olympic also lost their round 10 clash against WT Birkalla, which now adds pressure to George Tsonis’ side as their last win came in round 7. Olympic have been playing great football as of late but are struggling to convert that into wins. A win is crucial for the club as they sit two points above the relegation zone.    

South Adelaide are looking to jump out of the drop zone, as they look set to take on Olympic. Ben Dale’s side currently sit 11th, with their last win coming in round 8 against Sturt. The Panthers have shown some fight, especially in their round 10 fixture against Adelaide Comets. Ibby Kamara scored a great goal a minute after South Adelaide conceded. He tried his luck from kick off and hit it from halfway. He was able to catch Julian Torresan off his line to make the scores level. A win for Dale’s side will see them climb out of the relegation zone. Currently four clubs all sit equal on 9 points, but it is South Adelaide who are in the drop zone. Beating Olympic on the weekend, could see them move into 7th replacing George Tsonis’ side.     

VALO Football Centre will be home to this fixture. Full coverage starts just before 7pm, so be sure to tune into the FFSA Facebook page for the live stream cast or via radio broadcast at Radio Boss & TuneIn

Adelaide Comets vs Adelaide City
Venue: SA Athletics Stadium
Date: 11/05/2018 07:30 PM

Adelaide Comets: 1. Alexander Woodlands, 3. Mateusz Kuzmicki, 4. Tom Dittmar, 5. Adam Le Cornu, 6. Connor Gollan, 7. Kusini Yengi, 8. Theo Balomenos, 9. Andreas Wiens, 10. Christopher Pepe, 11. Thomas Briscoe, 12. Matthew Bouraee, 14. Nathan Andijanto, 15. Stefan Simic, 17. Terence Carter, 21. Shane Tobias, 22. Allan Welsh, 23. Mitchell Nicholson, 31. Julian Torresan, 35. George Savvoudis, 37. Thomas Cyganov, 38. Stephan Travaglione
Coaches: Theodoros Tsiounis, Douglas Paterson, Antonios Galanopoulos, Chris Simpson
Team Staff: Evangelo Katsambis, Elsie Kenny, Anthony Mavrolambados

Adelaide City: Ante Markulic, Thomas Love, 1. Ryan Veitch (GK), 3. Bradley Corbo, 4. Scott Nagel, 5. Matthew Halliday (C), 6. Jace Cummins, 7. Joel Allwright, 8. Joseph Costa, 9. Anthony Costa, 10. Evan Kostopoulos, 11. Nicholas Bucco, 12. Shannon Day, 13. Harley Gepp, 17. Mamadi Kamara, 18. Joshua Mori, 20. Luke Ostbye, 23. Valentino Kuach Yuel
Coaches: Damian Mori, Joshua Smith, Joe Verringer
Team Staff: David Cavaiuolo, Jack Evans

Last time they met:
2018 FFA Cup Preliminary Round Quarter Finals – Adelaide Comets 4 – 3 Adelaide City (Penalties)   

Adelaide Comets and Adelaide City will meet for the second time in a week, as the two clubs first me in the Quarter Finals of the FFA Cup Preliminary Rounds. Comets were able to run out winners and progress to the next stage of the cup. However, it was Adelaide City’s Joe Costa who put the black and white in front in the 62
nd minute. Comets were able to pull one back 10 minutes later, thanks to Stefan Simic. With the scores level after the 90 and after extra time, both teams were set for penalties. Comets keeper Julian Torresan was the hero in the shootout, which handed Theodoros Tsiounis’ side a 4-3 win.

This fixture will kick off round 11 in a Friday night clash, as 2nd will pay 4th. Both teams managed to win their round 10 fixtures, with Comets knocking off South Adelaide, and City beating Para Hills Knights by a goal. All the action will kick off at 7:30 pm at SA Athletics Stadium, with City looking for redemption, while Comets hoping to close the gap on their opponents. 

Croydon Kings vs Sturt Lions
Venue: Polonia Reserve
Date: 12/05/2018 03:00 PM

Croydon Kings: 1. Nicholas Munro (GK), 2. John Panagaris, 3. James Polli, 4. Alexander Sunasky, 5. James Skeffington, 6. Guy Miller, 7. Alhassan Toure, 8. Rocco Visconte, 9. Nicolo Intrieri, 10. Luke Klimek (C), 11. Patrick Caraccia, 12. Yared Abetew, 13. Hosine Bility, 14. Peter Mercurio, 15. Paul Radice, 16. Adam Martinello, 17. Domenico Costanzo, 18. Jarrod Brazzale, 19. John Papapetros, 20. Adrian D’Alfonso, 21. Patrick Pietrosanti, 21. Gianni Tramontin
Coaches: Mark Brazzale, Angelo Costanzo
Team Staff: John Plunkett, Joshua Avery, Latham Byfield

Sturt Lions: 1. James Klappers, 2. Shaun Williamson, 3. Daniel Guastella, 5. Lachlan Duffy, 6. Toby Nelson, 7. Michael Debono, 8. Dylan Smith, 10. Alexander Sortini, 11. Sam Shoemark, 12. Melad Ahmad, 13. Brett Magnusson, 14. Michael Gravas, 15. Akira Kobaishi, 16. Fortunato Filletti, 17. Jonathan Fusco (C), 18. Anthony Tropiano, 19. Zack Gomez, 20. Jakin Williams (GK), 21. Daniel Waine
Coaches: Lino Fusco, Stephen Maxwell
Team Staff: Ivan  Piovesan, Anthony Carbone, Andrew Ross, Declan Jamieson

Croydon Kings and Sturt Lions will square off this Saturday at Polonia Reserve. This will be the first encounter for both clubs in the NPL, with both sides desperate for a win. Croydon haven’t won since round 5 and are now two points away from the relegation zone. Some positive news for the club does see them progress into the next round of the FFA Cup Preliminary Rounds. They will meet Modbury Jets in the Semi-Finals as they were able to knock off State League 1 side Adelaide Blue Eagles. Mark Brazzale’s side was able to secure the win in 90 minutes. Alex Sunasky, Patrick Caraccia and Adrian D’Alfonso were all on the scoresheet. Although they have been winless in the last few weeks, Croydon do go into round 11 with a win, something they hope to continue this weekend.

Bottom side Sturt Lions will be hopeful of a win this weekend when they take on the 2017 NPL champions. Lino Fusco’s side haven’t won a game since round 1 and currently sit six points away from safety. Their biggest loss of the season came in round 10 as they went down 5-1 to Joe Mullen’s Campbelltown City. The action kicked off quickly, as Campbelltown took the lead early in the 6th minute. However, Sturt were able to respond two minutes later, thanks to Dylan Smith. It looked to be a great encounter, but Campbelltown were able to put four pass Sturt in the second half to end the match 5-1. The match will kick off at 3pm, with a win crucial for both sides.    

MetroStars vs Para Hills Knights
Venue: TK Shutter Reserve
Date: 12/05/2018 03:00 PM

MetroStars: 1. Isaac Carmody, 2. Nicholas Menechella, 3. Cohan Morris, 4. Justin Davis, 5. Timothy Henderson, 6. Anthony Solagna, 7. Michael D Aloisio (C), 8. Rocky Callisto, 9. Thomas Strain, 10. Liam Wooding, 11. Matthew Charalambous, 13. Benjamin Head, 14. Darsem Shaksi, 15. Damian Canala, 16. Alexander Jakob, 17. Matthew Dawber, 18. Fabian Barbiero, 20. Daniel Godley, 21. Lachlan Barr, 22. Hamish Gow, 23. Christian Esposito, 25. Jackson O’Donnell, 26. Stefan Cali
Coaches: Robert Saraceno, Konstandinos Antoniou, Travis Dodd, Robert Derosa
Team Staff: Giorgio Capoccia, Joseph Polisena, Peter Terminello, George Laoutaris

Para Hills Knights: 1. Timothy Ramsey (GK), 2. Carter Bailey, 3. Matthew Marchioro, 6. David Biar, 7. Yamin Jamal, 8. Shinya Yoshida, 9. Michael Ndjekompte, 10. Luke Colalancia, 11. Andrew Butler, 15. Pierce Stephens, 16. Bailey Truscott, 17. Mohammed Sumaoro, 18. Pietro Piantedosi, 21. Isaac Mullen, 21. Jordan Findlay, 23. Tyler Bailey
Coaches: Darrell Avery, Mark Ellul
Team Staff: Geoff Sullivan, Dwayne Hall

Last time they met:
2017 NPL Round 18 – Para Hills Knights 0 – 2 MetroStars

League leaders MetroStars will host 9
th placed Para Hills Knights this Saturday. Both teams are out of the FFA Cup and had the week off to recover from their round 10 fixtures. Metro were able to attain another three points as they beat 2017 champions Croydon Kings. Christian Esposito was able to put his side in front in the 58th minute. That goal brings Esposito’s goal tally to seven in nine games. His team mate Matthew Dawber was able to add to the score line, netting his fifth for the season in the 63rd minute. Along with Tom Strain, the trio have scored 20 goals between them, an attacking threat to any side. Croydon did attempt a late come back, but Robbie Saraceno’s side was able to hold on and extend their lead on top.

Para Hills Knights round 10 fixture entailed a different result, as Darrell Avery’s side went down 1-0. It took just over an hour for City to break the deadlock, which saw Mamadi Kamara score the only goal of the game. That loss becomes the seventh for Para Hills this season, which their last win coming in round 7 against Birkalla. Para are now 9th on the ladder, with only goal difference keeping them out of the relegation zone. A win will lift them out of the bottom five, with hopes that results go their way. TK Shutter will be the home for this fixture, kicking off at 3pm.     

West Adelaide vs Campbelltown City
Venue: Steve Woodcock Sports Centre
Date: 13/05/2018 03:00 PM

West Adelaide: 1. Lewis Moss (GK), 2. Zachary Hristodoulopoulos, 3. Samuel Tesfagabr, 4. Peter Eleftherakis, 6. Jack Yull, 7. Perry Mitris (C), 8. Kosta Mantis, 9. Anthony Dimas, 10. John Karatzas, 11. Miroslav Petkovic, 13. Matthew Bouzalas, 14. Jaiden Diamantis, 15. Alex Hristodoulopoulos, 16. Kristos Stefanopoulos, 18. Daniel Crossing, 19. Angelo Composto, 21. Dakota Ochsenham, 22. Michael Alexandrou, 23. Ryan James
Coaches: James Karatzas, Stavros Gelekis
Team Staff: Steve Paltoglou, Nicholas Bouzalas, Charlie Larosa

Campbelltown City: 2. Shaun Harvey, 3. Anthony Hartnell, 4. Iain Fyfe (C), 5. Matthew Mullen, 6. Dion Kirk, 7. Jackson Stephens, 8. Alexander Mullen, 9. Marc Marino, 10. Luigi Ditroia, 11. Anthony Ture, 14. Adam Piscioneri, 15. Alec Maiolo, 16. Andrew Maio, 18. Yohei Matsumoto, 19. Thomas Veart, 20. Nicholas Harpas (GK), 23. Jake Halliday, 99. Joseph Ruggiero
Coaches: Joseph Mullen, Vasilis Parhas, Edward Scalzi
Team Staff: Panfilo Ciccocioppo, Elio Bria

Last time they met:
2017 NPL Round 13 – Campbelltown City 0 – 2 West Adelaide

West Adelaide and Campbelltown City will meet this Sunday afternoon in round 11. Due to pitch reconstructions, the match will be played at Steve Woodcock Sports Centre as a West Adelaide home match. 6
th placed West Adelaide have found new life after new coach James Karatzas joined the club in round 6. However, he faced his first loss of his NPL season in round 10 when they took on Adelaide United. West Adelaide found themselves 1-0 down in the 4th minute, going into half time with a two-goal disadvantage. To make matters worse, Robin Lippett was sent off in the 60th minute, which allowed United to pounce on the opportunity and double their score line. West Adelaide were able to get one back, thanks to Michael Alexandrou, but it wasn’t enough to spark a late comeback.

Campbelltown City won’t have to travel far for their round 11 away fixture this weekend. They hope to continue their winning form alive, after claiming all three points in round 10. They were able to beat bottom side Sturt Lions 5-1. Alex Mullen broke the deadlock in the 6th minute, but Sturt were quick to reply two minutes later. A few minutes after half time, Campbelltown were awarded a penalty, which captain Ian Fyfe was able to convert. Lui Ditroia was able to score a minute after, with Matt Mullen adding to the tally in the 66th minute. Lui was able to score his second for the afternoon in the 73rd minute, making sure all three points were secure. Positive news for Campbelltown this week will see Marc Marino back in the squad, but Sundays clash will be an intense match for both sides.

Adelaide United FC vs WT Birkalla
Venue: Smith Partners Stadium
Date: 13/05/2018 03:15 PM

Adelaide United FC: Mark Ochieng, Apostolos Stamatelopoulos, 1. Daniel Margush (GK), 2. Noah Smith, 4. Paul Wilson, 6. Ryan Yates, 7. Aladin Irabona, 8. Pacifique Niyongabire, 9. Ninko Beric, 10. Charlie Devereux, 11. Carlo Armiento, 16. Blake Carpenter, 17. Louis D’Arrigo, 18. Lachlan Brook, 28. Kristin Konstandopoulos, 30. Isaac Richards (GK), 34. Jai King-Byrne, 44. Jared Clark
Coaches: Paul Pezos, Mario Karlovic, Maurice Natale
Team Staff: Robert Muscio, Julian Urlings, Daniel  Vaughan

WT Birkalla: 1. Jasper Kelley, 3. Christopher Atsikbasis, 4. Christopher Ashwood, 7. Fumiya Suzuki, 9. Donovan Pollock, 10. Ian Kamau, 11. Dylan D’Agostino, 13. Jordan Maricic, 14. Oliver Zafiridis, 15. Oluwanisola Abolaji, 17. William Plush, 20. Joe Gauci (GK), 23. Jake Monaco, 25. Anthony Quici, 29. Davide Zerillo, 80. John-Paul Cirillo (C)
Coaches: Simon Catanzaro, Emanuel Pais, Neil Tate
Team Staff: Barney Smith, Jessie Hartley, Roger Williamson

Last time they met:
2017 NPL Round 21 – WT Birkalla 2 – 3 Adelaide United

Adelaide United will host WT Birkalla this Sunday at Smith Partners Stadium. Adelaide United head into the round 11 clash with a strong win over West Adelaide in round 10. That match saw Apostolos Stamatelopoulos score a brace, with inform Lachlan Brook and Carlo Armiento adding to the score line as United ran out 4-1 winners. United have been great so far and Paul Pezos would be happy with his sides performances as of late. The hard work has paid off, with the club moving into 5
th position. They are equal on points with their round 10 opponents, but a win this week could see them close the gap on 4th placed Adelaide Comets.

Simon Catanzaro and his side continue their winning form as they secured their third victory of the season in round 10. Birkalla were able to knock off Adelaide Olympic with a 1-0 victory at VALO Football Centre. A blunder in defence saw Birkalla’s Doni Pollock pounce on the opportunity and put Catanzaro’s side up 1-0 in the 76th minute. He has now scored his second in a row, scoring his first against Sturt in round 9. The win now takes Birkalla out of the relegation zone, but only by goal difference. Another win this week will see them climb further away from the drop zone and closer to a finals spot.