National Premier League SA
Round 18

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South Adelaide vs West Adelaide
Venue: OSullivans Beach Sports and Community Centre
Date: 7/07/2018 03:00 PM

South Adelaide: 1. Con Zacharopoulos (GK), 2. Michael Goode, 3. Jeven Beck, 4. Robert Parker, 5. Marco Krantis, 7. Brett Rayner, 8. Sam Carmichael (C), 10. Adam Thurston, 12. David Blane, 14. Jayden Lobasso, 17. David Thornton, 20. Harley Gepp, 22. Joel Smith, 27. Jordan Watson
Coaches: Benjamin Dale, Nicholas Carmichael, Fraser Mclean
Team Staff: John Monsigneur, Lucy Boseley

West Adelaide: 1. Lewis Moss (GK), 2. Zachary Hristodoulopoulos, 3. Samuel Tesfagabr, 4. Peter Eleftherakis, 5. Robin Lippett, 6. Jack Yull, 7. Perry Mitris (C), 8. Kosta Mantis, 9. Theo Balomenos, 10. John Karatzas, 11. Miroslav Petkovic, 13. Matthew Bouzalas, 14. Athanasios Morakis, 15. Alex Hristodoulopoulos, 17. Matthew Bouraee, 18. Alec Maiolo, 19. Angelo Composto, 20. Mateusz Kuzmicki, 21. Dakota Ochsenham, 22. Michael Alexandrou, 23. Ryan James
Coaches: James Karatzas, Stavros Gelekis
Team Staff: Steve Paltoglou, Charlie Larosa

Last time they met:
2018 NPL Round 7 – West Adelaide 4 – 1 South Adelaide

Summary:South Adelaide will be at home again this week, as they look set to host West Adelaide. Round 7 saw West Adelaide triumph over Ben Dale’s side with a 4-1 win. Anthony Dimas opened the scoring in the 9th minute, but South Adelaide’s captain Sam Carmichael equalized late in the 60th minute. West Adelaide then scored two more thanks to Petkovic and Tesfagabr. Carmichael then netted another, but this time at the other end of the pitch as an own goal. Not a great outcome for South Adelaide on the day, but they have picked up some great results since then.

Ben Dale and his side sit 7th on the NPL ladder, with West Adelaide in 9th position. Two points separate the two sides, but Panthers are a point from a final position. With five games left in the NPL, things are heating up, especially in the bottom half of the table. If Olympic lose on Saturday and South Adelaide win, Dale and his side will move into the top six. A West Adelaide loss could bring them closer to the relegation zone, which is something Karatzas and his side will be hoping to avoid.

Campbelltown City vs Adelaide United FC
Venue: Steve Woodcock Sports Centre
Date: 7/07/2018 03:00 PM

Campbelltown City: 2. Shaun Harvey, 3. Anthony Hartnell, 4. Iain Fyfe (C), 5. Matthew Mullen, 6. Dion Kirk, 8. Alexander Mullen, 9. Marc Marino, 10. Luigi Ditroia, 11. Anthony Ture, 12. Jozef Kogoj, 14. Adam Piscioneri, 16. Andrew Maio, 18. Yohei Matsumoto, 19. Thomas Veart, 20. Nicholas Harpas (GK), 23. Jake Halliday, 99. Joseph Ruggiero
Coaches: Joseph Mullen, Vasilis Parhas, Edward Scalzi
Team Staff: Panfilo Ciccocioppo, Leslie Pogliacomi, Elio Bria

Adelaide United FC: Aladin Irabona, 4. Paul Wilson, 5. Franz Pjetri, 9. Ninko Beric, 10. Charlie Devereux, 11. Carlo Armiento, 12. Taras Gomulka, 16. Blake Carpenter, 19. Kyle Crout, 20. Luca Meggetto, 24. Cooper Nunn, 28. Kristos Stefanopoulos, 30. Isaac Richards (GK), 32. Gideon Arok, 35. Kusini Yengi, 44. Jared Clark
Coaches: Paul Pezos, Mario Karlovic, Maurice Natale
Team Staff: Robert Muscio, Julian Urlings

Last time they met:
2018 NPL Round 7 – Adelaide United 3 – 0 Campbelltown City

League leaders Campbelltown City will be looking for redemption as they take on Adelaide United at Steve Woodcock Sports Centre. Last time the two sides met, Paul Pezos’ side outplayed Joe Mullen’s Campbelltown and were 3-0 victors. Charlie Devereux broke the deadlock just before halftime, with team mate Carlo Armiento bagging a brace in the second half. Since then, Campbelltown have had a close battle with Robbie Saraceno’s MetroStars, with league leaders changing as the weeks go by. Mullen and his side will be hoping the home advantage will help them to a comfortable win, while United hope to make it two from two.

United drew their round 17 clash with 7th placed South Adelaide last weekend. After being down 1-0 after seven minutes, inform attacked Armiento was there to save his side. He converted his 40th minute penalty, making it his 9th goal of the 2018 campaign. Campbelltown also picked up points, as they came back from 2-0 down. A Dion Kirk brace and Matt Mullen goal was enough to secure three points for the Red Devils. Good news for Joe Mullen and Campbelltown, as they welcomed back attacker Lui Ditroia. He returned to the squad last week and has also been named for this weekend’s clash against United.

Adelaide City vs Sturt Lions
Venue: Adelaide City Park
Date: 7/07/2018 03:00 PM

Adelaide City: 1. Ryan Veitch (GK), 3. Bradley Corbo, 4. Scott Nagel, 5. Matthew Halliday, 7. Joel Allwright, 8. Joseph Costa, 9. Anthony Costa, 10. Evan Kostopoulos, 11. Nicholas Bucco, 12. Shannon Day, 14. Dominic Yuel, 16. Thomas Love, 18. Stefan Casalbore, 19. Ante Markulic, 20. Luke Ostbye, 21. Jackson Stephens, 23. Valentino Kuach Yuel
Coaches: Damian Mori, Joshua Smith, Joe Verringer
Team Staff: David Cavaiuolo, Jack Evans

Sturt Lions: 1. James Klappers (GK), 2. Shaun Williamson, 3. Daniel Guastella, 4. Toby Nelson, 5. Lachlan Duffy, 6. Daniel Waine, 7. Michael Debono, 8. Dylan Smith, 9. Federici Matteo, 10. Alexander Sortini, 11. Samed Altundag, 12. Sam Shoemark, 13. Brett Magnusson, 14. Michael Gravas, 15. Akira Kobaishi, 16. Fortunato Filletti, 17. Jonathan Fusco (C), 18. Anthony Tropiano, 19. Zack Gomez, 45. Alexander Kyriakou
Coaches: Lino Fusco, Christopher Goddard
Team Staff: Ivan Piovesan, Carol Goddard, Andrew Ross, Anthony Carbone, Declan Jamieson

Last time they met:
2018 NPL Round 7 – Sturt Lions 0 – 3 Adelaide City

Adelaide City will be looking to move into 2nd place, as they host Sturt Lions this Saturday at Adelaide City Park. Two points separate the two sides, with a win pushing City in front of Saraceno’s side, with hope Metro drop points. Meanwhile, Fusco’s Sturt still sit bottom of the NPL table. They are seven points from safety and only have five matches left of the regular season. Sturt need to win three games to be safe but should focus on collecting points in all five matches if they wish to play top flight football next year.

Sturt went down 3-0 last time against City, but that was before they bought in Italian import Federici Matteo. Matteo has played three games for Sturt, scoring three goals. One goal came last week in Sturt’s 5-3 loss to MetroStars. City enjoyed a 3-0-win last week against Adelaide Olympic, with both Joe and Anthony Costa on the scoresheet. Sturt have been unlucky in recent weeks and have played great football this year. However, it is results that count in the regular season and Sturt have only managed two wins this season. They may have been unlucky in recent weeks, but will try to turn their luck around and focus on the next five games.

Croydon Kings vs Adelaide Olympic
Venue: Polonia Reserve
Date: 7/07/2018 03:00 PM

Croydon Kings: 1. Nicholas Munro (GK), 2. John Panagaris, 3. James Polli, 4. Alexander Sunasky, 5. James Skeffington, 6. Guy Miller, 7. Alhassan Toure, 8. Rocco Visconte, 9. Nicolo Intrieri, 10. Luke Klimek (C), 11. Patrick Caraccia, 12. Yared Abetew, 14. Peter Mercurio, 15. Paul Radice, 16. Adam Martinello, 17. Domenico Costanzo, 18. Jarrod Brazzale, 19. John Papapetros, 20. Adrian D’Alfonso, 21. Patrick Pietrosanti, 21. Gianni Tramontin
Coaches: Mark Brazzale, Angelo Costanzo
Team Staff: John Plunkett, Joshua Avery, Latham Byfield

Adelaide Olympic: 2. Pantelis Alexandropoulos, 3. Antoni Trimboli, 4. Manley Barnett, 5. David Makridis, 6. Elias Vlassis, 7. Nicholas Harpas, 8. Jacob Butler-Bowdon, 9. Christos Pounendis, 10. Ricardo Da Silva, 11. Thomas Brown, 13. Zakariah Waters, 14. Fausto Erba, 15. John Tsimopoulos, 16. Mohamed Dahn, 17. Mamadi Kamara, 19. Tito Bontor, 22. Nikolas Harpas, 23. Andrea Dallera, 30. Daniel Atkins (GK)
Coaches: George Tsonis, Shane Porter
Team Staff: Michael Malandris, Alex Abela

Last time they met:
2018 NPL Round 7 – Adelaide Olympic 2 – 1 Croydon Kings

Croydon Kings will square off against Adelaide Olympic, as the 2017 champions look to avoid relegation. Croydon haven’t had the best of seasons this year, despite their great run in the 2018 FFA Cup Preliminary Round. They currently sit 10th, with only five wins and 17 points. Olympic are currently in the top six, but only by a point. A loss this week will allow South Adelaide to take 6th position, providing they win their round 18 clash.

Olympic were victorious in round 7, the last time these two sides met. A Christos Pounendis brace before halftime was enough to secure all three points for the side, despite Visconte’s pulling one back in the 54th minute. Croydon endured their second draw in two weeks, as they shared points with West Adelaide last week. Martinello’s 16th minute penalty wasn’t enough for Brazzale and his side to hold onto the victory. Olympic lost their round 17 encounter with Adelaide City. Fausto Erba wasn’t on the scoresheet this week, as Mori and his side triumph to a 3-0 victory. Croydon will host Olympic this Saturday at Polonia Reserve.