The first Super Saturday is here for Season 2017. Six games played simultaneously.

Croydon Kings vs Adelaide Comets

Where: Polonia Reserve, Essex Crescent, Croydon Park.
When: Saturday, March 18 2017 at 3pm.
Match Officials Appointments HERE.

Croydon Kings
Patrick Caraccia, 1. Nicholas Munro (GK), 2. John Panagaris, 3. Frank Violi, 4. Michael Doyle, 5. James Skeffington, 6. Nathan Farrell, 7. Shaun Mcgreevy, 8. Rocco Visconte, 9. Paul Radice, 10. Luke Klimek (C), 11. Peter Mercurio, 13. Hosine Bility, 14. Steven Pepper, 15. Michael Ndjekompte, 16. Jesse Francesca, 17. Mohammed Sumaoro, 18. Jarrod Brazzale, 19. Anthony Francesca, 20. Adrian D’Alfonso, 21. Costa Zacharopoulos

Adelaide Comets
1. Alexander Woodlands (GK), 2. Guy Miller, 3. Mateusz Kuzmicki, 4. Zachary Hristodoulopoulos, 6. Jack Bladen, 8. Theo Balomenos, 9. Andreas Wiens, 10. Christopher Pepe, 11. Valentino Kuach Yuel, 14. Nathan Andijanto, 15. Shannon Day, 17. Maarten Boddaert, 18. Lewis Farquhar, 19. Vasilis Carapanayiotis, 21. Justin Maher, 22. Allan Welsh, 23. Mitchell Nicholson (C), 24. Thomas Cyganov, 25. Harry Keramidas

Croydon Kings will be looking to extend their unbeaten streak to four matches when they host Adelaide Comets at Polonia Reserve in Round Four of the PlayStation 4 National Premier League this Saturday.

Croydon came close to three consecutive wins in last week’s encounter against Adelaide Olympic, but had to settle for a one-all draw when they conceded an equaliser in the fifth minute of injury time.

Chris Munker’s full Match Preview is available HERE.

MetroStars vs. Adelaide City

Where: TK Shutter Reserve, Fourth Avenue, Klemzig.
When: Saturday 18th March, 3pm.
Match Official Appointments here.

1. Isaac Carmody, 2. Nicholas Menechella, 3. Cohan Morris, 4. Justin Davis, 5. Timothy Henderson, 6. Anthony Solagna, 7. Michael D Aloisio (C), 8. Rocky Callisto, 13. Benjamin Head, 14. Dylan D’Agostino, 15. Carmine Pascarella, 16. Alexander Jakob, 17. Matthew Dawber, 20. Callum Piantadosi, 22. Jarrad Moffa, 23. Christian Esposito, 24. Ross Crawford

Adelaide City
Dylan Smith, 1. Ryan Veitch (GK), 2. Michael Acton, 3. Bradley Corbo, 4. Scott Nagel, 5. Matthew Halliday (C), 6. Jordan Pudler, 8. Paul Blefari, 9. Anthony Costa, 11. Nicholas Bucco, 12. Carlo Armiento, 14. Aaron Acton, 15. Anthony Babb, 16. Thomas Love, 17. Mamadi Kamara, 18. Joseph Costa, 19. Jacob Butler-Bowdon, 20. Luke Ostbye, 23. Evan Kostopoulos

In Round 5 of the PlayStation 4 National Premier League, North Eastern MetroStars will host Adelaide City Football Club at TK Shutter Reserve.

Adelaide City are on a perfect run in the league, which MetroStars will look to put an end to.

Second placed MetroStars, are just two points behind Adelaide City, and a win will see them leapfrogging the league leaders.

MetroStars are coming off the back of a 2-1 win against a strong Adelaide Comets side, which should boost their confidence ahead of this Saturday’s game.

Gabriel Polychronis’s full Preview can be read HERE.

WT Birkalla v Adelaide Olympic

Where: Jack Smith Park, Morphett Road, Novar Gardens.
When: Saturday March 18, 3:00 pm
Match Officials Appointments HERE.

West Torrens Birkalla
1. Joe Gauci (GK), 4. Tom Dittmar (C), 5. Davide Zerillo, 6. Lawrence D’Arrigo, 7. Jake Monaco, 8. Yasmin Sudic, 9. Kristin Konstandopoulos, 10. Ian Kamau, 11. Fumiya Suzuki, 12. Taro Kawamura, 13. William Plush, 14. Oliver Zafiridis, 15. Hayden Walter, 20. Patrick Griffin, 21. Jordan Spadavecchia, 23. Michael Camacho, 28. Adam Le Cornu, 31. Daniel Pauli, 80. John-Paul Cirillo

Adelaide Olympic
Christos Pounendis, Josef Shyti (GK), Samuel Tesfagabr, George Aslanidis, 1. Matthew Pelizzari (GK), 04. George Hristakopoulos, 05. David Makridis, 06. Ambesager Yosief, 07. David Signore, 08. Manni Katopodis, 10. Alemayo Kebede, 11. Sean Brennan (C), 13. Matthew Bouzalas, 15. Tito Bontor, 23. Andrea Dallera

Winning form is good form, and it will be a confident West Torrens Birkalla that will welcome a famished Adelaide Olympic to Jack Smith Park for their Round Five, PlayStation 4 National Premier League South Australia engagement.

A solid 3-1 victory over Cumberland gave Birkalla their first win for the season, after some recent indifferent performances cost them vital points. While Olympic have been struggling to find any fluency in their field play.

Joe Pangallo’s complete Match Preview is available HERE.

Para Hills Knights vs. Adel. United YT

Where: The Paddocks, Bridge Road, Para Hills.
When: Saturday 18th March, 3pm
Match Officials Appointments HERE.

Para Hills Knights
1. Timothy Ramsey (GK), 2. Carter Bailey, 3. Alexander Sunasky, 5. Matthew Mullen, 6. Matthew Marchioro, 7. Yamin Jamal, 8. Alexander Mullen, 9. Callum Flanagan, 10. Kingsley Francis, 11. Andrew Butler, 13. Deale Chamberlain, 14. Mario Marcinko, 17. Brett Selga, 20. Todd Leahy, 21. Dylan Centrone, 22. Luke Lawley, 23. Tyler Bailey, 24. Yohei Matsumoto

Adelaide United Youth
1. Isaac Richards (GK), 2. Liam Mccabe, 3. Apostolos Stamatelopoulos, 4. Paul Wilson, 5. Zakariah Waters, 6. Christopher Vivian, 7. Ryan Strain, 8. Charlie Devereux, 10. Lachlan Brook, 11. Alec Maiolo, 12. Hamish Mccabe, 13. Pacifique Niyongabire, 14. Blake Carpenter, 16. Joshua Mori, 19. Nathan Liberto, 20. Cameron Cook

Round 5 of the PlayStation 4 National Premier Leagues will include a battle of the bottom two when Para Hills Knights host Adelaide United at The Paddocks, in what will be a desperate affair for the three points to record a first win to their name, and rectify their season towards the right track.

Both the Knights and the Reds have had to try and defy the odds against genuine contenders for the Championship in the past few weeks, but their lack of execution in front of goal has let both teams down.

Cassandra Treppiedi’s full Match Preview can be found HERE.

Article photo: Adam Butler