2018 Referee Panels

Following a meeting of the State Referee Committee on Wednesday, 6th June 2018, Football Federation SA is pleased to update the National Premier Leagues SA Match Official Panels for 2018.

The below Match Official Panels have been selected by the State Referee Committee who have taken into consideration; fitness test results, performance data from 2018 and attendance at scheduled training/coaching sessions.

The Match Official Panels are subject to review on a regular basis by the State Referee Committee which may use its discretion to make amendments at any time, the next State Referee Committee meeting will be held in July where panels will be reviewed based on available data.

Football Federation SA congratulates all panellists on their selection and wishes all match officials a successful second half of the season.

A Panel B Panel C Panel Elite AR Panel
David Alberton Marinus Haccou* Isabella Blaess* Torin Cooper
Daniel Cook Jonathan Hunter Nick Elagin* Nick Elagin*
Daniel Elder* Andrew Kite Xinyi Fan Aaron Galanti
Eric Ford Sestili Sam Kuys Drew Faulkner* Andrew Kite
Aaron Galanti Garry Powers Curtis Wordsworth* Sam Kuys
Fotis Massinis Nicholas Quirk Paula Orlandi*
Gary Mooney Jack Robinson
Rick Schneider
Christian Verdicchio
 * Subject to fitness testing Next panel determination July 18th