Grand Final shift to Coopers Stadium gives young girls the dream of playing at Hindmarsh, says Ebony Kyriacou.

Football Federation SA yesterday became the first Member Federation to announce that it will host it’s PlayStation 4 Men’s & Women’s National Premier League Grand Finals together at the same venue.

The bumper day of local football sees the State League 2 and State League 1 Grand Finals precede the two top-tier clashes at Coopers Stadium, meaning fans and players alike can enjoy four matches at the home of South Australian Football.

This decision received a warm reception from the public when the news was broken yesterday, FFSA caught up with Adelaide United’s W-League & Fulham United Captain, Stella Rigon and Ebony Kyriacou, Captain of the reigning PlayStation 4 Women’s National Premier League Champions Metro United to gauge their thoughts on the landmark announcement.

“I think this should have been something that happened a long time ago,” said Rigon.

“I know that every women’s team and player will be thrilled to know that if they made the Final, they’ll be experiencing something that they haven’t experienced before.

“We already had nearly 1,000 people at our Cup Final last year, imagine what a venue like Coopers Stadium could bring.”

Rigon continued to say this announcement will do wonders for the elite Women’s Competition in South Australia.

Fulham United Captain, Stella Rigon, says this announcement is a big step forward for South Australian Football. Photo: Adam Butler.

“It will be an amazing step forward,” she said.

“It is really good exposure for people who wouldn’t usually watch women’s football, to come out and witness how competitive and entertaining the competition really is.”

“This is going to create even more hunger personally and for my Club, to get into that Top 4 Finals Series.”

Ebony Kyriacou, Captain of Metro United’s title-winning side in the inaugural PlayStation 4 Women’s National Premier League in 2016 echoes Rigon’s thoughts on the announcement.

“It’s great to lift the profile of the women’s game,” said Ebony.

Metro United Captain, Ebony Kyriacou, leads her side out in the 2016 PlayStation 4 Women’s National Premier League Grand Final. Photo: Adam Butler.

“Hopefully everyone is there early enough to see and enjoy the booming quality of the women’s Grand Final.

“It also gives the young girls striving to play that dream of ‘playing at Hindmarsh.”

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Article photo: Adam Butler.