Women’s National Premier League SA
Round 17

FFSA NTC Girls vs Metro United WFC
Venue: VALO Football Centre – The Parks
Date: 6/07/2018 06:15 PM

FFSA NTC Girls: 1. Evelyn Goldsmith (GK), 3. Gemma Macfarlane, 4. Mabel Day (C), 5. Charlotte Grant, 8. Gabriella Demarco, 11. Katie Bowler, 12. Georgia Box, 13. Georgia Iannella, 14. Talia Bilardo, 15. Zoe Tolland, 17. Erin Murphy, 19. Ellie Sparrow, 21. Ella Tonkin, 22. Lara Kirkby, 23. Nikki Henkens, 25. Mikayla Vidmar
Coaches: Michael Matricciani, Michele Lastella, Mitchell Higgins
Team Staff: Sharee Mcnamara, Airton Andrioli, Jason Collins

Metro United WFC: 1. Kelly Barltrop (GK), 2. Ebony Kyriacou (C), 5. Nicole Calder, 7. Racheal Quigley, 8. Chrissy Panagaris, 9. Roxanne Dodd, 11. Lauren Steer, 12. Rochelle Kuhar, 13. Vanessa Reed, 14. Donna Cockayne, 16. Kelsey Zafiridis, 17. Stella Rigon, 18. Isabella Scalzi, 20. Chanel Todino, 23. Kristy Moore, 55. Esther Tóth, 87. Zoe Hammond
Coaches: Marie Spagnoletti, Maryanne Mavra
Team Staff: Terry Kyriacou, Andreas Zacharia

Last time they met:
2018 WNPL Round 12 – FFSA NTC Girls 0 – 4 Metro United WFC

Metro United look to keep their top spot, as they face 4th placed FFSA NTC Girls this Friday night. Last time the two sides met, Metro were 4-0 winners over Michael Matricciani’s side. Kyriacou, Panagaris, Quigley and Steer were all on the scoresheet, as they helped Marie Spagnoletti’s side to all three points. Metro look to be unstoppable this season, especially with striker Chrissy Panagaris in the squad. Chrissy has a total of 26 goals this season, which she has netted in 16 WNPL

matches. NTC sit comfortably in 4th, but still trail West Adelaide by five points. The battle for 4th could be heating up, with Uni and Inter looking to close the gap.
NTC were able to stop Inter coming from anywhere near them in the WNPL ladder last week, as they were victorious in a 2-1 win. After being down 1-0 in the first minute, Bowler and Sparrow’s second half strikers helped NTC to a victory. Metro were also victorious in round 17, with a huge win over Fulham United. Nine goals were put past Fulham, with Panagaris bagging four and Quigley scoring two. Any points dropped by Metro in the next coming weeks, could open the door for City to take over top spot, as they trail by a point. The two sides will meet at VALO Football Centre, kicking off at 6:15pm tonight.

Fulham United vs Adelaide City FC
Venue: Adelaide Shores Football Centre
Date: 6/07/2018 06:15 PM

Fulham United: 1. Matilda Comley (GK), 2. Sarah Baker, 3. Susan Roberts, 4. Natasha Vella (C), 5. Stefanie Lang-Robertson, 6. Josephine Trimboli, 7. Monique Varricchio, 10. Zoe J Turner-Davey, 11. Lauren Ferretti, 12. Sarah Hunt, 13. Layla Rogers, 14. Jessica Fulford, 15. Kiara Watson, 16. Betsy (elizabeth) Green, 18. Jessica Benzi
Coaches: John Ebbs, Massimo Primaro, Valentino Esposito
Team Staff: Angelina Comley, Jasmin Ivancic

Adelaide City FC: 2. Alicia Nickolas, 3. Matilda Mcnamara, 4. Daniela Di Bartolo, 5. Alyce Macauley, 8. Dylan Holmes, 11. Grace Abbey, 12. Georgia Campagnale, 13. Jessica Goldfinch, 15. Bianca Gray, 16. Isobel Dahlen-Flight, 17. Tiarn Powell (C), 20. Kendall Jenner, 22. Nicole Robertson, 23. Isabel Hodgson, 33. Nanako Sasaki, 35. Claudia Jenkins (GK)
Coaches: Michael Hatzipanagiotis, Paul Pezos, Miodrag Bogatic, Hamish Wilson
Team Staff: Seymour Di Bartolo, Frank Coghlan

Last time they met:
2018 WNPL Round 12 – Adelaide City 6 – 0 Fulham United

Bottom side Fulham United will look to upset 2017 champions Adelaide City tonight at Adelaide Shores Football Centre. City enjoyed a 6-0 win in round 12 of the WNPL the last time they faced Fulham. Captain Tiarn Powell took the match ball home, netting a hat-trick on the day. Zikos, Di Bartolo and Dawber all followed with a goal each, as City took an easy three points.

Fulham have shown promising signs in the last few weeks, but in round 17 they went down 9-0 to league leaders Metro United. Not the ideal result for Ebbs’ and his side, but they look towards the future if they wish to play top flight football next year. City were victorious in round 17, beating Adelaide University 5-0 at VALO Football Centre. Di Bartolo and Sasaki both netted two, while Chelsie Dawber added another to her 12 goals this season. A must win for both sides, with top spot up for grabs for City and a chance for Fulham to jump out of automatic promotion.

Salisbury Inter vs West Adelaide
Venue: VALO Football Centre – The Parks
Date: 6/07/2018 08:00 PM

Salisbury Inter: 1. Sian Mclaren (GK), 5. Sky Jensen, 6. Chantelle Ryder (C), 8. Laura Millar, 9. Adriana Jones, 10. Leah Noto, 11. Nicola Frazzetto, 12. Kelsey Trussler, 14. Jasmine Hurst, 15. Sarah Taylor, 17. Romy Franceschilli, 20. Erin Hood, 25. Tamara Wesbroom, 30. Sophie Fleming, 32. Olivia Bunge, 33. Esther Heywood-Smith
Coaches: Tracey Jenkins, Christopher Fleming, Tamika Jones, Phil Hallard
Team Staff: Tamara Simeoni, Irina Mannella, Daniela Marlitsis

West Adelaide: Clara Herrando Andres, Maddie Du Rieu, Katerina Mattheou, Chrissa Pavlomanolakos, Christie Hillyer, Elena Psaroulis, Nenita Burgess, Anna Pritchard, Christina Papageorgiou (C), Mina Nishitani, Nicole Tilley, Harriet Burnett, Justine Hall, Georgia Macri, Louise Debono, Georgie Nicola
Coaches: Kevin Mccormack, Christopher Goddard, Kirsty Wilkinson
Team Staff: Chichi May, Carla Magnera, Carol Goddard, Berthy May

Last time they met:
2018 WNPL Round 12 – West Adelaide 0 – 0 Salisbury Inter

Salisbury Inter are set to host West Adelaide Friday night at VALO Football Centre, for the second match of the night. Nothing could separate the two sides back in round 12, as both teams settled for a 0-0 draw. Now West Adelaide are 10 points behind second place, while Inter trail 4th spot by 7. Both teams will be hoping for a win tonight, but it is Inter that will need the three points as they look to make finals. They currently have equal points with Adelaide University, as we head into the last leg of the season.

Inter suffered a 2-1 loss to NTC last week, despite being up 1-0 in the first minute. West Adelaide had a great win against Cumberland United, putting five past Alex Savva’s new side. There were five induvial goal scorers on the night, with Du Rieu, Burnett, Nicola, Andres and Tilley all on the scoresheet. Tilley now has six goals this season in WNPL, more than any other West Adelaide player. She is hoping her side can pick up the victory and shorten the gap between them and Adelaide City.

Adelaide University vs Cumberland United
Venue: Adelaide Shores Football Centre
Date: 6/07/2018 08:00 PM

Adelaide University: 1. Hayley Truskewycz (GK), 6. Amielia Ebbs, 7. Mia Lundquist, 10. Eleanor Bills, 11. Laura Johns (C), 13. Hannah Jenkin, 14. Pirrie Weeks, 16. Chloe Craig, 17. Izabel Czechowicz, 22. Eleni Vosnakis, 23. Alysia Panagakos, 25. Velvet Klass, 26. Georgina Toome, 32. Elle Pirintzis, 38. Alexandra Windell, 40. Daisy Allen
Coaches: Kosta Jaric, Andrej Djakovic, Alex Macdonald, Eric Sialas
Team Staff: Giorgio Profiris, Mark Bosio, Matthew Hanna, Alistair Campbell

Cumberland United: Allyse Roberts, Katelin Ross-Masters, Kelsey Roberts, Caitlin Le Roux, 1. Tessa Touchette (GK), 2. Lauren Mather, 3. Abby Touchette, 4. Sharni Tansell, 5. Hannah Custance, 9. Milano Venter, 14. Shauna Wetherell (C), 17. Sarah Mills, 25. Isobel Lukins, 31. Amy Wheeler, 41. Nadia Mohr
Coaches: Alex Savva, Damian Stam
Team Staff: Steven Bryowsky, Jamie Wetherell, Jonathan Eske

Last time they met:
2018 WNPL Round 12 – Cumberland United 0 – 3 Adelaide University

Adelaide University and Cumberland United will square off in one of the last matches in round 17 of the WNPL. Last time the two sides met, Uni were victorious with a 3-0 win. Cumberland now sit 7th on the WNPL ladder, only two points from automatic safety. This will be the second week Alex Savva has taken charge of his new side.

Last week, he lost his first match in charge when Cumberland went down 5-0 to West Adelaide. This resulted in Cumberland’s 12th lost of the season, as they have only won one and drawn three. Uni also lost their round 16 match against Adelaide City, as they too suffered a 5-0 loss, something Kosta Jaric and his side are hoping to move on from. With both teams coming into round 17 with losses, it could be anyone teams game. Uni are battling for a finals spot, while Cumberland are trying to avoid automatic relegation. All will be determined tonight at Adelaide Shores Football Centre.